domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

Moon between clouds, Flowers in the wind

In the little exasperations of the daily life
The moments ocillates in the moon's condolences
That mouns a discontinuous melody
In a moment sliced by the lonely flowers

Strolling passionatelly, guided by the wind
Intruding themselves in the eternal gleam
Of the clouds twisted, becoming engravings
Of the feelings that intertwines the existence and the time

And then the conjecture of these unusual falsetto,
Scattered notes, mists, arias, ethereal drippings
Old religions, bitter inspirations and gnawed arpeggios
Are an gift that Existence presents with sinister bouquets

The time who followed that caress of the flowers
To the moonlight blissful, that involved that rotten love
This doom evidenced by life and its many colors.

By: Bruno

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